DDRUM Dios M Maple Drum Set

The details

The Awesome Brand: ddrum

DDRUM Dios M Maple Drum Set. New Store Demo Model in Like New Condition.  One of the most incredible deals we've ever featured. This is DDRUM's premium Dios Maple kit with a ton of add ons. The kit-7x10,8x12,14x16, 20x20, Mapex 5x12 Hammered Steel Snare and 6x14 snare. Stagg Cymbals-18" DH China, 14" Furia hats, 16" Furia crash, 16" SH crash. DDRUM Cowbell, Blue LP Jam  Block. Hardware- 3 Mapex booms, 2) Tama snare stands, Tama Speed Cobra Single Pedal, and a Tama HH605 hi hat stand.

You are saving $1,996.00 on this drumming deal!!!