Ludwig Questlove Drum Kit

The details

The Awesome Brand: Ludwig

Ludwig Questlove Drum Kit. Store Demo Model in Like New Condition. 
This is a great deal on the new Ludwig Questlove Break Beat Drum Set with Hardware and Cymbals with a unique hardware setup.
- 16 x 14" bass drum
- 10 x 7" tom with auxiliary clamp
- 13 x 13" floor tom
- 14 x 5" matching snare drum with a Gibraltar Stealth Rack with a Pearl CH-70 boom arm/snare basket combo, Tama Cymbal/Tom Combo stand with a Gibraltar Multi Angle Cymbal Boom /Coady X-Changer X hat attachment, Stagg Single Pedal.
- Cymbals include- 12" Alpha Rhythm X hi hats, 10" Stagg DH China/10" Alpha Splash Stack, Stagg 6" BM Bell, 13" SH China and an 18" ZBT Crash Ride.
- Seat is not included.

You are saving $1,900.05 on this drumming deal!!!